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We always provide total solutions for you.

Energywell is a top-tier professional consultancy company in Taiwan. We have abundant knowledge, and engineering practice and experience in many fields to provide you overall solution you needed. We always keep focusing, and forward-looking, and continue to dedicate ourselves.


In the areas of energy and low-carbon energy, transportation, intelligent manufacturing, healthcare, industry 4.0, industrial and business networking, digital twin, risk management, and operation optimization management of infrastructure construction and engineering, Energywell Technology provides technical consulting services and solutions in the following areas:

Risk management

Provide risk assessment, risk identification, analysis, and evaluation related services, including : System Safety, Cybersecurity, AI Security, Workplace Safety, Site Risk, Sustainability Risk – Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance and ESG Risk Assessment.

Provide risk control and management related services, including : safety, functional safety, cyber security, process safety, engineering safety, sustainable risks, and enterprise continuous operation, and provide risk control, audit, accident investigation, and management services or solutions related to the aforementioned projects.

Operation optimization management

Provide services related to reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety & security (RAMS/S) system assurance and reliability assurance, including : RAMS/S Modeling & Analysis, Verification & Validation, Independent Safety & Cyber Security Assessment, IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Certification for Products, Site Verification & Validation/Inspection, Cyber Security Testing, IoT Cybersecurity Testing & Certification (ETSI EN 303 645), Radio Equipment Directive Compliance, Consulting Services for EUCC Certification, Consulting Services for Trustworthy AI Certification, as well as ISO 14064 Organizational Carbon Inventory and ISO 14067 Product Carbon Footprint Calculation and Carbon Neutrality & Carbon Accounting Consulting.

Provide asset integrity management related services, including : Assets and spare parts analysis, integration of logistics resources, Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA), Reliability Center Maintenance (RCM) management, and Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) verification, management, and validation of consultant services.

Optimal energy management.

Tailor-made Solution

IT/OT Security :

Orpheus Cyber is a threat-led cybersecurity solution that includes : External Attack Surface Management (EASM), Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM), Third-Party Supply Chain Risk Management, and Cyber Threat Intelligence.

OPSWAT provides the best solution for complete network risk control and management in the industrial control field, and the main products include : Industrial intrusion detection and asset management, digital security guard, portable detection drive, and single/two-way security gateway, etc.

Risk/Security Management : Wolters Kluwer's EHSQ/ESG/GRC SaaS digital platform, including :

enablon 360 Holistic Risk Management Platform:

Enables you to manage risk across the entire value chain, from EHSQ to GRC, from operational risk to ESG, to drive sustainability and increase productivity.

BowTie Suite:

A risk assessment tool and risk management software based on the bow tie method.

Barrier Management:

Applied to the Safety Management System (SMS), Process Safety Management System (PSM), and Barrier Management System (BMS), it brings customers a 360-degree view of risk management solutions through people/workflow/technology (PPT).


enablon ESG provides enterprises with ISO 31000 risk management guidelines and enterprise risk management (COSO ERM) framework, integrating various types of risk management that enterprises need to face, including operational risks, financial risks, information security risks, EHSQ risks, supply chain (security) risks, ESG sustainability risks, Compliance risks, etc., providing digital risk management platforms and solutions with best practices for enterprise digital transformation.

CCH Tagetik ESG Module:

Provides customers with integrated risk management such as finance, compliance, information security, and supply chain security.

Engineering/Asset Integrity/Digital Management.

Excellent services

We continue to dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality services on risk management and digital solutions or services for safety and cybersecurity co-engineering, system engineering, system assurance, asset and operation optimization management, occupational health and safety management, environmental protection, ESG, energy, IT security, cybersecurity, etc.“Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, and Respect for others” are our value statements. We always provide total solutions for you.


Energy is an essential element to achieve a better life, and renewable energy is the trend of the future.

Energywell not only provides energy and low-carbon energy fields which includes oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, water supply and transmission, power supply and distribution, onshore and offshore wind farm, solar photovoltaics, energy storage systems, clean energy, and other fields but also expand to risk management, operation optimization management and solutions for smart manufacturing, industry 4.0, industrial Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence.

We have wealth of experience to provide technical consultancy, planning, and solutions.


Land transportation connects the city and the life circle.

Green Transportation, Intelligent Transportation, and the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) are the need changes that close to the public and future trends.

Energywell not only provides the Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety/Security (RAMS/S) system assurance and dependability for railways, high-speed rails, MRT, Light Rail Transit (LRT), Connected Vehicle (CV), Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and Intelligent Transportation but also expands to energy, low-carbon energy, and smart manufacturing. At the same time, Energywell also supplies risk management, operation optimization management, and solutions for these domains and infrastructure and engineering.

We provide complete services for the overall system life cycle. We can tailor the most suitable overall solution for you based on your requirements to assure system safety/Cybersecurity and dependability and comply the requirements of the asset and operational optimization.


Safety is the only way home, and the safety issue has already been, “If it’s not Secure, it’s not Safe!”

Security Informed Safety or Security for Safety is a critical issue of OT-Security. How does your enterprise or products face the one after the other safety and cybersecurity challenges when confronting smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the third-generation of safety revolution that opened the process automation system framework, the Internet of Everything (IOE), Artificial intelligence (AI) and technical requirements of intelligence and the digitization.

Energywell provides exquisite co-engineering services of safety and cybersecurity on wide products or solutions based on the system engineering method with overall life cycle RAMS/S to achieve Security Informed Safety or Security for Safety.

We focus on the needs of safety and cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and other fields to provide technology services or solutions of cybersecurity for asset owners, integration and maintenance service providers, product & solution suppliers, etc.


To wheel and deal and gain insight into the world, you need intelligent solutions for digitalization and digital twin !

Energywell provides you a risk management software digital platform as digital twin that provides various compliance risks management, production and operation safety management, safety barrier management, occupational health and safety management, ESHQ and ESG management, and dynamic risk management. Therefore, you can improve the risk control and management practices of your enterprise by achieving 360-degree risk management practices through digitalization and intelligence.

We not only provide integrity IT/OT safety solutions, including threat intelligence monitoring, malware protection, zero trust solutions, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, vulnerability inspecting, vulnerability testing, and penetration testing but also provide technologies and platforms for engineering, asset integrity, and Analytic Process Automation(APA) to implement and fulfill intelligent, digital twin on asset optimization, and the performance of operational management.

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